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Happy New Year! ~ We Thank You for Visiting us during our 2008 Season!

The Chalet Club is Closed for the Winter

Please check back for the yet-to-be-announced 2009 Rates & Dates 



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Table of Contents
Daily Rates
General Information

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Dear Chalet Club Family,

Greetings from the Washburn family and Chalet staff. We hope that you and your family are well.

As time has slipped quietly and quickly past - we have arrived at a crossroads. Where did four decades go? How did we become grandparents? We were just changing diapers on our own yung'uns... Yes, Anne and I have started evaluating where we're heading and our possible retirement options, an exercise that many of you have done - or are preparing to perform.

So, these days - "our changing climate" isn't just a reference to the weather - which has been it's unusual self here, too. It's referencing our environment of community, business, and most importantly - family and personal  considerations. 2008 will be our 39th season of professional involvement with the responsibilities of the Chalet.  A wonderful journey - of which, you have been a very special part. As with any profession, there are career life averages - seven years seems to be the innkeeper's duration of duty. So, we've beat the averages pretty handily.   Mom & Dad - they're in a class to themselves. A ministry of love that will remain unrivaled. Our offspring have embarked on their own careers outside the hospitality business with purpose and vision - of which we are extremely proud.

You thought we had our feet up all winter - Ha!

Reinventing The Chalet Club and reinventing Bob and Anne have been the tasks at hand - which have been some of the most challenging tasks of our career.  We're still working on it, and apologize for any inconvenience that resulting communication delays have caused. We're not saying that 2008 will be our farewell season - and we're not saying that the Chalet will be the same as it's always been...

What we're saying is that it's clearly time for a change, and we're trying to do it in as graceful a way possible. The search for grace isn't to avoid a blush. It's with deep respect for your love of this mountain, your association with our family, and what your past vacations at the Chalet represent - along with a steamer trunk full of other considerations. Adjustments have been made to our offerings for 2008. Rate packages are reduced to the B&B or European Plan - a shorter season - and limits on total occupancy are the key components. Where this will all lead is yet to be determined.

We thank you for your patronage. Our family and staff join us in extending our best wishes to you and your families. It has been our privilege to serve you in the past, and we hope that our paths will cross again in 2008.

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News We're Yodeling About

A Reflection of Our Identity…

Revisiting Memories of Vacations Past

Now on the web site as the History page and included with this season's edition of the Yodel is a snapshot edition of the Chalet’s history – the more complete version is still in draft form. Our apologies… compiling the information and selecting the supporting documents and photographs has been a fun and time-consuming task. Please enjoy this brief version until the final draft is complete.

A Family Journey …yours & ours  

As the pages of the Chalet’s history meet their binder, the underlying affirmation is our connection as members of a wonderful expanded family.

Smiles & Laughter

The elixir?…the sight of a smile or the sound of laughter. The magical transformation - somber and serious melts into fellowship and levity. Vacations at the Chalet continue to produce the chemistry which create joy and a celebration of creation.

The Quiet of the Mountain

Preserving sameness... preserving wilderness… preserving a quiet peace that sooths the soul.


The single most gratifying compliment to the Chalet and our hospitality is the ability of vacationing individuals, couples and families to take time to embrace life. Children recognize it immediately. Void of the usual multitude of distractions or needs, time suddenly becomes available to focus on that which really matters.

Shared Time

Memories of valued experiences – our treasures of time. Time in the context of life is finite. We have been blessed in sharing so much time with so many of you.


Easy to Calculate

The difference per season or per package is $15 per person to make the addition a snap.


Additional Adult or Child

Take the double occupancy rate for the accommodation or package that you select and add the additional adult or appropriate child rate to total your daily lodging package.


Single Occupant Simplicity

Deduct the posted amount to create a single occupant rate for Main Building accommodations.



Televisions are now available in select cottages. Hilltop, Farview and the two Stonehenge Cottages have televisions with satellite feed programming. If this is a feature that you wish to have or not have on your next visit, please confirm availability of a cottage with a TV, or one with no TV if so desired, when making your reservation.


Updated News from Earlier Editions of the Yodel

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This photograph appeared in the Anchorage Daily News of Anne Elizabeth striking out on a 200 mile race during the Winter of 2002/2003.

Meet Meade Bradford Olson & His Sister Loulie Annemeade.jpg (20865 bytes)

 July 8th 2000 , we welcomed a new family member, Meade Bradford Olson. Sarah and Kale are having a fabulous time parenting, and the great grandparents along with the grandparents are having fun getting used to our new roles. For all of you wishing the vital statistics – Meade was 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long at birth. His long legs did create a challenge for Sarah – as none of the newborn sized pajamas were long enough. Thank goodness he was a summer baby- he got to sleep in cut-offs.

Meade's sister, Loulie Anne arrived August 12th  2003

As an update - both Meade and Loulie  are growing up close by and enjoy a  day with "MeMe & BobBob" at the Chalet each week.



Over the years, we have made every effort to maintain the standards that you expect when you return to The Chalet Club. We are now striving to exceed your expectations in all facets of our operation. Two major components are the food and the service, and we are continuing to assemble a team of managers and staff that will enable us to achieve our goals in these areas. This year, the overwhelming response from our guests is that the food and service have been FABULOUS. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to listen to your suggestions with our ongoing commitment to create a truly remarkable vacation spot for you, your family and friends.


The Club’s lodge, seven cottages and the Grey Logs recreation house at the lake received a tremendous amount of attention during the winter and spring of 2001 with new carpeting, paint, furniture, bathroom tile and fixtures being rolled out and installed at a steady pace. The response that we received for the improved food and service was echoed in the praise for the improved facilities. Since Kale, Sarah, Dick, Dorothy, Bob and especially Anne put so much time and energy into these projects, your compliments were especially welcome and we take great pride in knowing that our efforts are enhancing your enjoyment of your days with us.


With all of our efforts to improve the facilities, food and service, we could not overlook a lodging establishment’s key component - quality bedding. We certainly want you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. A tractor trailer truck from the Spring Air mattress company delivered over 40 sets of mattresses and box springs to the Chalet this past spring. Some of the guests who were with us at the time were reluctant to surrender the beds that were in their rooms since they had been enjoying such restful nights, but were happily surprised that the new sets were even more comfortable!


Bob and Kale traveled to Nashville last March to attend a training seminar on Perma-Crete, a product used for repairing and refinishing concrete swimming pools and decks. The majority of the family spent the months of April and May restoring the Club’s two swimming pools. It was a tremendous project and the results of our labors are two remarkable swimming pools and surrounding decks!



After much research and deliberation this past winter, we ordered two Supra Launch ski boats to replace the MasterCrafts in the Club’s fleet. They have been everything that we expected and more. Roomier and more comfortable seating for passengers, tow towers with tops for shading out the sunny days, and the ability to adjust the wakes for skiers,supra.jpg (19464 bytes) kneeboarders and wakeboarders have created rave reviews from our "Hydrotherapy" participants over the summer. Remember that the water stays reasonably warm into October, and that we keep all sizes of wet suits on hand for the cooler days. Two more Wilderness Systems Paradise "sit on top" kayaks were added to the Club’s fleet this summer - since the two that we acquired last year had been such a big hit. The Duffy electric boats that were added last season also stay in popular demand every day and prove to be a joy for virtually every generation of the families that take them for a ride. This fall should bring completion to the terrace area that we have created above the new dock to give yet another venue for enjoying The Chalet Club’s waterfront.


This summer, guests were treated to the best trail conditions that we have offered in many years – if ever - thanks to the efforts of Kale and other members of the Chalet team. Plans are set for a full re-blaze this fall - insuring great hiking for you.


Every few years we replace The Chalet Club’s two ski boats and water ski equipment. This creates the opportunity for buyers to acquire well-maintained boats and skis at reasonable prices. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please call or e-mail us for specific information. We are not selling our Supra boats this season, but if you wish to be advised of their availability and price, please call or e-mail us. The Connelly ski equipment is available for immediate sale and delivery.

Year 1999 Editions


Chad and Bob spent the better part of the summer building a new dock facility on the same site as the boathouse that burned down last year. Our objective was to create a comfortable place for Chalet members to enjoy sitting by the lake while their family swam, fished, canoed, kayaked or floated on one of our new giant rafts. No sooner was the composite decking nailed down and the ladder bolted into place than our guests were totally at home with its intended utilization. Anne, Catherine and Bob planted nearly 100 perennials around the dock and the adjoining terrace to complement this great addition.


The Duffy Classic that I brought up from Florida to help us celebrate Dorothy and Dick’s 60th Anniversary last December has been extremely popular. So much so, we have added a second Duffy to the fleet. This one is a catamaran styled boat with seating for eight and is somewhat easier to board than the Classic. It has a refrigerator, stereo, fishing seats and bimini top. All on board smile as these boats glide quietly across the lake.



Well make time ‘cause now you can have one at The Chalet Club! We have recruited a number of massage therapists from the area to be on call to bring their table to your room or cottage for a one hour massage for the fee of $75.00. Many of you have requested this service and we are thrilled to be able to offer another therapy along with "hydrotherapy" behind a ski boat. Please advise us in advance of your arrival to reserve a massage.



Our beautiful Duffy Electric Boat was launched December 5,1998 with the 60th Anniversary couple on board for its maiden voyage across Lake Lure. Measuring slightly over 20 feet in length, this classic launch has a green hull with white deck and greenduffy1.jpg (45259 bytes) canopy. The seating capacity is 12 adults and it will silently cruise the shoreline for over six hours between charging. The folks at Duffy have done a marvelous job of retaining a feel of a classic boat while integrating modern technology and manufacturing techniques to create a boat that is stable and easy to maneuver and operate. With CD player and refrigerator on board – we are confident that touring Lake Lure will never be the same after we set you adrift aboard "Slipalong II". Remember, all the boats are available for use this winter!


E-mail us by clicking on any of the addresses on the site or simply send it to us using one of the following addresses:


Year 1998 Editions


Just when you think that you have your house in order (figuratively and literally), along comes an unexpected whirlwind that causes disarray. Memorial Day weekend saw a whirlwind of flames consume the Chalet #1 boathouse and all the boats that were in it - plus severely damaging one of the ski boats in the adjoining boathouse. An electrical short in the charging system for the electric launch was believed to be the cause of the midnight fire. Lost were the two canoes, the electric launch, the zodiac, and the pontoon boat. As you can imagine, we are grateful that there were no injuries, but we mourn the loss of the antique boats and the boathouse itself, which had very special significance for the Washburn Family as well as the Chalet Club Family. Read on to see how this situation is being resolved.



As many of you know the boats that were lost in the fire were no ordinary boats. Our pontoon boat had a very special engine / drive combination that the manufacturer could not duplicate for several months. Phone calls were made to other manufacturers and fortunately the Dorris family that owns the Playcraft Poontoon Boat Company in Richland, Missouri had a perfect replacement at their factory. This pontoon boat had been used for boat shows and boating magazine tests. Bob drove to Missouri and trailered it back to Lake Lure. What a stroke of good fortune! Our new Playcraft Power Toon has been a huge hit with all of our summer guests for boat rides, tubing, kneeboarding and swimming. This craft is not just a good toon - it qualifies as a top ten hit with platinum potential. We look forward to sharing the beauty of Lake Lure with you on our Power Toon.



In the early 1900’s Granddad bought the Old Town canoe that was lost in the fire. He used it to explore the "North Woods" and brought it south to Lake Lure in 1934 where it was used by thousands of Chalet guests to explore the shoreline of the lake as they enjoyed its stability and paddling ease. Two new Old Town canoes have been acquired as replacements the and their stability and ease of paddling is exceptional. While they are built using modern, lightweight materials that make them easier to launch and retrieve, the all wood and brass trim recaptures some of the magic of their heritage that we cherished so much.



Despite the speedy replacement of the majority of lost watercraft, there was a week of depending on our wonderful friends in the community that were generous enough to loan us their boats to use. The Oates family that own the Manual Woodworkers and Weavers and Danny McClinton, who has helped with our watersports activities over the years were definitely those "friends indeed". Long time Chalet Club member and friend, F.A."Steady" Cash of Charlotte has been working with us on finding a replacement for the electric launch. We are fortunate to have such wonderful friends!

For More Information Contact:

The Chalet Club, Inc.
PO Box 100, 532 Washburn Rd, Lake Lure NC 28746
Tel: 800-336-3309
FAX: 828-625-9373

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