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Happy New Year! ~ We Thank You for Visiting us during our 2008 Season!

The Chalet Club is Closed for the Winter

Please check back for the yet-to-be-announced 2009 Rates & Dates 



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The Chalet Club's "Indoor" activities are as numerous and diverse as all of our other offerings. From the Club's extensive library of books and periodicals... to low impact fitness equipment in a glass room overlooking the lake at Gray Logs... to climbing in our comfortable new van for a tour on some back roads that treat you to our area's wealth of beauty, we can suit your vacation needs indoors as well as out on the mountain or the lake

Indoor Activity Venues

bulletOutstanding Library of books and periodicals
bulletSeasoned Firewood provided at every building
bulletPing Pong and Skittles board in Chalet Playroom
bulletPool table and Fitness room at Gray Logs
bulletLarge Screen TVs at Chalet and Gray Logs
bulletBoard Games and Jigsaw Puzzles
bulletVan Tours of the Surrounding Mountains

Club Library, Living Rooms and TVs

The living room of the Mainmblr2.jpg (35078 bytes) Building as well as those in all of the cottages have a wonderful selection of books and jigsaw puzzles on the shelves. On the cooler days and nights, our well seasoned firewood can create the warm atmosphere for one of our specialties - helping you do nothing. If you need to keep up with the outside world, periodicals are available at the Chalet and there are two big screen TVs - one at Gray Logs and one in the Main Building Living Room. By request of our members who come here to enjoy the serenity, there are televisions in only a few of the cottages (Farview, Hilltop and the two Stonehenges). If you wish to bring a portable set for your room, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS will come in on rabbit ear antennas.



The Playroom at the Chalet

Just outside the south entrance door of the Chalet is a building that houses the ice machine, soft drink dispenser, Ping Pong table and Skittles Table.

Gray Logs

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The Club's  recreation house on the lake is constructed from timbers that are over 170 years old. As you walk in, you enter the billiard room. To the east is an exercise room that has three walls of glass that make you feel like you are working out in a tree house over the lake. On the west side of the billiard room is a refreshment area. Up the stairs, on the top floor is a bathroom, two changing rooms and a sitting room with a large screen TV. For the families that want to exercise while junior naps, there is a crib in one of the dressing rooms. With the deck, dock and beach area, Gray Logs is a delightful place to relax and enjoy the lake. The Chalet provides a van shuttle for the five minute drive from the Main Building to Gray Logs.


Van Tours                                 vantour.jpg (30492 bytes)

During the fall and spring, the Washburns enjoy exposing the hidden treasures of the area to Club Members. Van Excursions for a half day or a full day with a picnic are arranged on request. Please inform us of your interest in a van tour on your arrival. A nominal activity fee applies.





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